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Oatmeal Raisin Edible Cookie Dough

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Gluten Free - Plant Based - No Added Refined Sugar - No Soy - High Fiber - High Protein - No Dairy - Vegan - No Artificial Anything -Preservative Free - GMO Free
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Gluten Free - Naturally Sweetened - Vegan - No Soy - High Fiber - Plant Based Protein - No Dairy - No Artificial Anything - Preservative Free - GMO Free

What feels more like home than the taste of mom's fresh oatmeal raisin cookie? Perfectly hinted with oats, cinnamon and raisins, we think your tastebuds will agree this flavor is a HiiT! 
That's right, it's still Gluten Free, Vegan, No Soy, High Fiber, Plant Based Protein, No Dairy, No Artificial Anything and completely Preservative Free. Not to mention, all this goodness in a jar won't spike your blood sugar either! Made with top shelf ingredients and a whole bunch of love, we hope this flavor HiiTs close to home.

Ingredients: Cashew Butter, Non-GMO Tapioca Fiber, Dates, Raisins, Agave, Oat Flour, Brown Rice Protein, Oats, Erythritol, 
Cinnamon, Stevia, Natural Flavors.  

Please enjoy our HiiT Dough straight out of the jar!

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